Seattle Genomics, a service core at the University of Washington, offers next-generation sequencing and data analysis solutions.
The center is a component of the Washington National Primate Research Center and is operated by the Division of NHP Systems Biology in the Gale laboratory.

Services and Rates

We offer the following:

Illumina NextSeq 500
RNA library preparation and QC
16S Microbiome
Illumina MiSeq
Bioinformatics analysis and support
RNA Isolation and QC


For example, for 20 samples to have RNA isolated from tissue, mRNA-Seq libraries constructed with Illumina’s TruSeq mRNA Library Preparation Kit, and sequenced on our NextSeq 500 using a high output 150 cycle (paired end 75bp), the total cost would be $7,969.00, which averages to $398.45 per sample including taxes. This run will produce approximately 20 million reads per sample.

Total RNA-seq

For example, for 20 samples to have RNA isolated from tissue, Total RNA-Seq libraries constructed with KAPA’s Stranded RNA-Seq Kit with RiboErase (HMR), and sequenced on our NextSeq 500 using a high output 150 cycle (paired end 75bp), the total cost would be $11,789.00 which averages to $589.45 per sample including taxes. This run will produce approximately 40 million reads per sample.

Custom applications REQUIRE consultation to discuss project.

Sequencing Run Costs

MiSeq RunsUWExternal
per sequencing run
per sequencing run
v2 300 Cycle$1,469.03$1,824.53
v3 150 Cycle$1,309.53$1,626.43
v3 600 Cycle$2,002.53$2,487.14

Next Seq 500 RunsUWExternal
per sequencing runper sequencing run
Mid Output 150 Cycle$1,483.66$1,842.71
Mid Output 300 Cycle$2,187.66$2,717.08
High Output 75 Cycle$1,920.60$2,385.38
High Output 150 Cycle$3,383.60$4,202.43
High Output 300 Cycle$5,220.60$6,483.98

RNA Extraction and QC Costs

RNA Isolation - General$49.25$61.16
RNA Isolation - Blood$78.55$97.56
RNA/DNA Isolation$53.69$66.69
Nucleic Acid QC$36.25$45.02
Homogenation - Nucleic Acid$31.46$39.08
Bead Clean-Up$22.17$27.54


mRNA Library Preparation (< 20 samples)
mRNA Library Preparation (≥20 samples)$165.95$206.11
Total RNA-seq Library Preparation (<20 samples)$211.23$262.34
Total RNA-seq Library Preparation (≥20 samples)$187.77$233.21
Ultra-Low Input, SMARTer/Nextera Library Preparation$241.68$300.16
TruSeq RNA Exome$515.58$640.35
Library QC
Sequencing Library QC


UW External
DNA Isolation
RNA/DNA Isolation$53.69$66.69
16S DNA Library Preparation (EMP Method)$54.50$67.69

Sequencing Runs for Microbiome
per sequencing run

Sequencing 16S Library QC
Sequencing - MiSeq - v2 300 Cycle



Analysis - Tier 1$3,081.31$3,826.99
Analysis - Tier 2$4,410.30$5,477.59
Analysis - Tier 3 - Base Price$8,820.60$10,955.19
Data Processing Block Time$102.23$126.97

Data Analysis and Delivery

For file delivery and analysis, we offer multiple options to suit the specific needs of the end user.

A link will be provided to download all of the raw (FASTQ) files and QC summaries.  This, as well as a summary of read and run QC is provided as part of the sequencing cost.
For customers desiring a more complex and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis and processing a free consultation up to 2 hours will be provided prior to any sample processing or sequencing.  This consultation is mandatory for this type of analysis to ensure the numbers of samples and comparisons are adequate for the types of analysis desired

Analysis tier 1:

Mapping to a supplied genome/reference with or without annotation, and results in a delivery of a BAM/SAM file to the customer.  This BAM/SAM file can then be used for the next steps of data processing and analysis.

Analysis tier 2:

Targeted to users without sufficient computing resources for data processing, but which have expertise and access to bioinformatics tools for downstream functional analysis and interpretation. For RNA-seq data, raw data matrix as well as differential expression analysis will be provided to the user. For host or pathogen genetic analysis, alignments and variant files will be provided. Users will be responsible for downstream analysis.

Analysis tier 3:

Targeted to users without sufficient computing or expertise in downstream analysis and interpretation. These interactions will be more collaborative in nature. We will consult with the user to define a plan that will include any required aspects of a project, from library preparation to downstream analysis.   For RNA-seq, the user will be provided with transcript quantification and the raw data matrix as well as functional analysis based upon their specific biological questions. If necessary, we will also provide de novo assembly of transcriptome or virus genome where a specified reference is not available.

Pricing is for up to 24 samples, and tier 3 will require a custom price quote based on FTE hour units and computation units of use (CPU hours/disk storage).  There is a minimum charge of 40 hours for up to 24 samples for this tier.

UW internal pricing:

Analysis Tier 1:  $3,081.31
Analysis Tier 2:  $4,410.30
Analysis Tier 3:  $8,820.60 plus additional rate of $102.23/hr.

Requesting Sequencing Services

  1. Obtain a quote. Begin this process using our online form.
  2. Prepare your samples or libraries for submission.
  3. Ship or drop of your samples to the address below.
  4. We will e-mail confirmation of receipt and what services will be performed.
  5. Await a sequencing report at the end of sequencing project, with directions on how to get data from BaseSpace if not locally delivered.

We will store locally all sequence and run data for 3 months.


Sample and Library Submission Guidelines

Locally libraries can be delivered to the adress below. For shipping please contact us first for guidelines and further instructions.

Shipping Samples

Seattle Genomics
Room F460
Building F
750 Republican St.
Seattle, WA 98109-4766

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